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Cash App card activation is one of the required processes that a cash app user must complete. If you are a Cash app user you will have to activate a cash app card to use it. All the users of the cash app are allowed to get a free cash app card, which is a debit card. It is like any other debit or credit card. It can be used to pay digitally wherever a visa card is accepted.

However, users remain ambiguous about how to use a cash card and many of them wonder how to activate a Cash App card. There are very clear specifications for activating a Cash App card that are easy to complete. So there are two processes that can help you to activate the Cash app card. You need to stay with us if you want to know everything about cash card activation, and we hope after reading this blog you will be successful in this endeavor.

How to use a Cash App card?

As a Cash App user you can easily get a cash card. But do not forget that to use this you will have to complete the cash app card activation process. And when it comes to the question of where to use a cash app card to Cash App, you can use it for ATM withdrawals hassle-freely.

A cash app card is secure to use as it is protected by a secret PIN, magnetic stripe & embedded microchip. All the information remains encrypted in the chip. So, you do not need to worry about the security of this cash card. Another biggest advantage is that users can disable and enable Cash App ATM Card and change secret PIN code from cash app or by calling the Cash App Customer Service number.

How do I activate my Cash App Card 2020?

So here comes the most important part for you about the cash app card. As we have mentioned above in this blog that as an active Cash app user you are entitled to get a Cash card. For this you have to take some straightforward steps on the app, and you do need to pay any fee. It is free for all the Cash App users.

But after receiving this card, users get struck and do not know how to activate cash app card. Because it is required without activating the card it is now possible to use it. If you are at this stage and wondering how do I activate cash app card, you need to take below mentioned steps:

Activate Cash App Card using a QR code:

  1. Open the Cash App and log into your account.

  2. At the bottom of the screen click on the “Settings” and “Cash Card icon”

  3. Then you will see the option of Activate Cash App card on screen

  4. For automatic scanning of the QR code allow the Cash App to use your mobile camera.

  5. For you need to align the mobile camera by keeping it 4-5 inches above the QR code proper scanning

  6. If your cash card’s QR code is successfully scanned it means it has been activated and now you can use the cash app card.

Activate Cash App Card without using a QR code

1. Open the Cash App and log into your account

2. Select the Cash App card icon at the bottom of the screen

3. If you are activating cash card without a QR code then select the option of “Use CVV Instead”

4. After selecting this option enter the CVV number and other required details for cash app card activation without QR code.


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